Mt Victoria Loop

I've walked tracks on Mt Victoria a hundred times. But it seems like each time I do I still manage to find a new path I haven't come across before and manage to not follow the track I want to be on. This was a loop walk so I figured it was going to be well signposted, which it was. Mostly. But I still managed to get off the loop, but I found my way back on to it, purely by accident!

2018 Where to Walk Goals

I never used to be a goal setter. I always though it was a little bit lame. My thinking started to change when a friend bought me to their house, sat me down in front of a computer and asked me what did I want to do with my life and how did I want to live it? We opened up a google spreadsheet and broke down what seemed like the simplest things into a range of headings including travel, finances, health, career, and relationships and popped them into short, medium and long term goals. She then told me to turn off the spreadsheet and to not look at it again for a few months. 

Shine Falls

On the first sunny Saturday in December, I expected the Shine Falls track to be full of families trekking their way down to the falls for a swim - this walk is along a relatively flat track, safe, and with barely any uphill. Hence, you could imagine my surprise when we made it all 2km to the falls without passing another person!

Mt Kaukau to Johnsonville

Mt Kaukau - the big mountain in Wellington with the giant transmitter on top. It' s the one place that you can see from pretty much anywhere in Wellington, and one of the places that makes most people say 'oh Mt Kaukau, I keep meaning to walk to the top but I haven't done it yet' (seriously, say to five people you've walked Mt Kaukau and that response will be one of the five).