Kia ora – nau mai, haere mai (Hello and welcome!)

At Where To Walk you’ll find reviews of walks around New Zealand that I do, where I’ll review everything from a one hour walk to a multi-day walk with helpful information – how long did it take, what did I take with me, what amenities were available along the walk, what the views were like. I’ll post short videos and photos from the walk that will no doubt feature myself and my rotating bevy of walking buddies!

I’m not a hard-out-super-walker, I just like getting out and about. Some of the walks will be in the middle of the wilderness, and others are accessible by a short bus or train ride.

I don’t have super fancy or expensive gear. I dislike it when the signage on walks is less than ideal!

The female featured in most the photos and videos is me, Amy. Sometimes my other walking buddies will feature too (only if they’ve given me permission though). The images are taken spontaneously and there is also little to no editing done on them. If you’re expecting gorgeously composed photos of New Zealand scenery this isn’t where you’ll find those – the images are raw, taken-in-the-moment on my iphone. I’ve never professed to having any talent when it comes to being in front or behind the (iphone) camera, and I’m certainly not about to start now!

I live in New Zealand and am always on the lookout for new walks to do – so let me know if there’s a great one in your area I should do and review.