Ridgeline Walk, Morere

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Where: Morere Hot Springs, East Coast
Distance & Time: 1 hour,  3 – 4km
Take: Sunscreen and water and togs for a soak afterwards!
Amenities on route: The walk starts and ends at Morere Hot Springs – bathrooms, snacks and hot pools available!
Cost of the walk: $18 per person for a private hot pool, showers and the walks that are in the Hot Springs (well worth it!) 

I first went to Morere Hot Springs when I was a kid. In the decades since I last visited, it has changed from my childhood memories but it still has great hot pools, incredible bush, and is a wee slice of paradise in the middle of nowhere!

2019-12-29 11.25.51
All the walks you can do at Morere Hot Springs Reserve

On arrival at Morere we left our bags with the front desk as we wanted to do the walk first, before we soaked in the hot pools afterwards. We were warned that there may be a few trees/branches across the tracks as they had had some rough weather recently, and sure enough, there was a wee bit of scrambling over fallen logs that we had to do. Even though the recommended time was two hours, we easily did this track in an hour. We started at the top end of the park so we would finish back at the carpark.

2019-12-29 11.26.12 HDR
All the palm trees

The track started with a decent uphill slog, thankfully under the shade of the trees as it was a scorching hot summer day when we did the walk. It’s a very tropical feeling walk as we were surrounded by palm trees for the majority of the track, and as the name of the walk suggests, it followed the ridgeline for most of the walk.

2019-12-29 11.34.41
Beautiful native bush

Back to those fallen trees – some were just a couple of large branches we could easily step over while others we had to haul ourselves over and figure out where the track was after we had climbed down off the fallen tree! It actually made the walk a bit more adventurous – when we eventually passed other people on the track coming in the opposite direction they told us we had a few more trees to clamber over and we were able to say the same to them!

2019-12-29 11.34.47

Coming off the track we headed back to the office to pick up our bags and the key to our private hot pool. The pool had a gorgeous outlook over native bush with a creek gurgling down below. While it took a few minutes for our bodies to get used to the heat of the water it was absolute bliss for our bodies once we were in! Paul ended up alternating between our private hot pool and then the public cooler pool outside which was a good option (I just ended up sitting out of the pool and drinking lots of water before getting back in) We had 30 minutes in the private pool which was more than enough and then we went back out to the public pools for a cooler soak and to have a shower (and a much needed washing of hair after a few days of camping!)

Amy’s Advice – if you just do the walks on their own it costs a couple of $$  whereas if you do the hot pools you are able to do the walks as well. Recommend splurging for the private pools if you can!

2019-12-29 11.42.23
One of the only places on the track where you get a view!

There were a few people in the complex taking advantage of the walks and the grounds to have picnics, sunbathe, and soak in the pools. The relaxed vibe definitely made me want to stay and enjoy it but we had to be on the road to find our next campsite for the night!

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The photos were taken by Paul and I.

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