Tangoio Falls Track

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Where: Tangoio Falls Scenic Reserve, Hawke’s Bay
Distance & Time: 60 minutes return, 4km
Take: Sunscreen and water. Recommend wearing shorts so you can paddle in the waterfall!
Amenities on route: .Bathroom and carpark at the start of the walk
Cost of the walk: Free

Want a waterfall you can wade out to, a meandering river, a bush walk, and then another waterfall you can admire from a quiet lookout? Have I got the place for you! The Tangoio Walkway which encompasses Te Ana Falls, which you can swim at, and Tangoio Falls which you can view from a lockout, in Hawke’s Bay is the place to be.

2019-12-27 13.18.34
One of the few walks I’ve done where the time actually matched how long it took!

This is one of the few walks I’ve done where the recommended time is actually the time that it took us to do the walk. That rarely happens, normally I can take anything from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours off the suggested timings!

Amy’s Advice – take clothes that you don’t mind getting wet or togs so you can have a paddle at the waterfall

You don’t need to wear proper hiking sneakers for this walk either, I was fine in casual sneakers and some people were walking it in jandals – very kiwi.

2019-12-27 13.19.29
This level of excitement for swing bridges

And the best part? This walk starts with a bridge. I don’t know what it is about bridges that get me so pumped, but it’s my thing and I’m going with it! There’s a nice wee sheltered picnic spot just across from the bridge too, and it was being well used when we were there.

2019-12-27 13.26.14
Nature is pretty cool

The walk is relatively flat up to Te Ana Falls, it follows the river up to the falls until suddenly, you’re there. While the pool at the bottom of the waterfall is smallish (in comparison to some waterfalls we’ve seen), it was still being well used as it’s shallow so perfect for kids and young families, many of whom were making the most of it on the day we were there!

2019-12-27 13.36.55 HDR
Waterfall! And a waterfall that you can get up close to and cool off under

Following the Te Ana Trail back for a few minutes we kept continuing up hill to the Tangoio Falls. And by up hill I really do mean up hill. It’s not a tough slog but it was here I wished I was wearing slightly better shoes for walking in! Having been able to get so up so close to Te Ana Falls, I was expecting that the same would happen with Tangoio Falls.

2019-12-27 13.41.08
Waterfalls are great – at Te Ana Waterfall

Te Tangoio Falls are viewed from a platform – I’m not sure if there is a way down to them, but there wasn’t a track that we could see. Would be cool if there was! Just before the turn off down to the viewing platform the track went to the right, which takes walkers back to White Pine Bush, so you can easily walk between the two, either as a return trip, or have someone drop you off at one end and then meet you at the other.

2019-12-27 13.55.11
More waterfalls – the Tangoio Waterfalls!

Heading back down to the car we decided to stop and pick a few kawakawa leaves to make tea with later that evening at our campsite. If you haven’t tried it, kawakawa tea is delicious, just steep 5 leaves (the more holes they have in them, the better) in hot water for five minutes or so. The water will turn a yellowy-green colour. The tea has a wee bit of spice to it and is absolutely delicious!

2019-12-27 14.20.58
Kawakawa leaves to make tea with

If you want to swim in a waterfall, and have a wee bush walk while you’re at it, the Te Ana waterfall is the place to be!

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The photos of me were taken by Paul, and I took the others!

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