2018 Where to Walk Goals

I never used to be a goal setter. I always though it was a little bit lame. My thinking started to change when a friend bought me to their house, sat me down in front of a computer and asked me what did I want to do with my life and how did I want to live it? We opened up a google spreadsheet and broke down what seemed like the simplest things into a range of headings including travel, finances, health, career, and relationships and popped them into short, medium and long term goals. She then told me to turn off the spreadsheet and to not look at it again for a few months.

Nearly a year later I remembered the spreadsheet and opened it back up to see where my thinking had been a year prior and I was also a eager to see if I’d actually achieved anything – and to my surprise, I had! Just the simple act of writing them down meant they had woven their way into my subconscious and I had been working towards many of them over the space of those 12 months, and continue to do so now.

2017-10-22 10.33.20
Sliding into 2018 (terrible pun, I know)

So with that in mind, I thought I’d pop down my goals for Where to Walk in 2018:

  1. To do at least one Great New Zealand Walk. We have nine great walks in New Zealand, and I blogged about one of them in 2017, the Abel Tasman Coastal Track. I’m being a bit cheeky here as I’ve already booked in to the Kepler Track Great Walk in April of 2018, but notice I’ve said at least one – meaning I should do another one later in the year!
  2. Do some overseas walks to blog about. Ok, I’m being cheeky here too as I know I’m going to be doing some snow (!) hiking in Italy in January, and I’ll also hopefully walk a Hollywood Hills track in February (yes it’s cheesy, I’m well aware of that fact but I want my photo with the Hollywood sign dammit!)
  3. Blog at least twice a month. I had wanted to try and do one every week but I just know my work schedule for the first six months of this year is going to make that a bit tricky. If I can do more than two a month, that’s awesome!
  4.  This isn’t really blog related, but I’d like to keep building up my hiking equipment. On the list this year is a pair of waterproof hiking boots and I’d also like to investigate those hiking sandals that I’m seeing all over Instagram.
  5. Do some courses to become better acquainted with staying alive in the outdoors and knowing what to do if something bad happens. I couldn’t accurately tell you how to use a compass, cross a river safely, or how to read a topographical map, but it is something I’d like to know how to do. Knowing how to do these things will open up so many more incredible New Zealand (and overseas) walks.
  6.  Figure out a foolproof way to make my skin undesirable to sandflies/midges/mosquitoes while hiking. Seriously, those things are just the absolute pits.

Somehow I think Number 6 will be the most difficult.

Here’s to a fabulous 2018 full of amazing walks – ngā mihi o te Tau Hou (Happy New Year!)

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